Michael Meeking And The Lost Souls brand new album “Saturday Night Sunday Morning”  Wrap your ears around the first single ‘Field of Green’…



What happens when the party’s over?

As the title suggests, Michael Meeking and The Lost Souls’ new album is a record of two halves:

Saturday Night Sunday Morning.

It’s the morning after the night before … Are you filled with regret or still on a high?

“Will you send me to heaven or put me through hell?” Michael wonders in the gospel-tinged ‘Running Towards Me’. Elsewhere, in ‘Someone New’, he asks: “Is it a blessing or a curse to feel such joy and then such hurt?”

Saturday Night Sunday Morning is the finest album in a music career that has taken Michael from Melbourne to London and back again. After six years in London, Michael returned home and re-formed The Lost Souls (Julien Chick on bass, Chris Gates on guitar, and Dave Kleynjans on drums, Cate De Carteret and Maryanne Smart on backing vocals). They’re joined on the album by some special guests, including Shane Reilly (Lost Ragas) on pedal steel, and Steve Hesketh (The Drones, Jet, You Am I) on piano, while Alison Ferrier and Michael trade lines of lament in ‘Please Don’t Cry For Me’, a heartbreaking tale of sorrow and regret. “Lovin’ ain’t my best game,” Michael confesses. “Always seems to end in pain.”

The album was co-produced and engineered by the multi-talented Roger Bergodaz. “We went into the studio and smashed out 13 songs in 12 hours,” Michael smiles. “Most of the songs were put down in one or two takes. We were very inspired by the sounds and space that Roger had captured in his work with Raised By Eagles and Lost Ragas.”

Opening cut, ‘One Sweet Day’, is a declaration of commitment. “No matter what the future might hold,” Michael sings. Right now, the future looks bright for Michael Meeking and The Lost Souls. Michael’s work has been championed by Triple R’s Neil Rogers. “Not only a gifted songwriter and performer, the hard-working Michael is one of the genuinely decent people floating around in this thing called the music industry,” Neil says.

Americana UK declared that Michael had “the rock swagger of The Faces, only more refined and performed better”, while UK’s Maverick Magazine said of Michael’s previous album, 2012’s Ride On: “It’s a bit like listening to your favourite bits of your entire record collection in just 40 minutes.”

And The Music’s Jeff Jenkins stated: “The Meeking might not inherit the earth, but he will impress with his passionate pop.”

Much of Saturday Night Sunday Morning is rooted in the classic Melbourne country-rock sound of bands such as The Dingoes, Weddings Parties Anything and The Warner Brothers, though Tom Petty influenced ‘Looking For A Change’, Ryan Bingham inspired ‘Back To Life’, and ‘Me And Lucinda’ is a love song to Lucinda Williams.

“All I want is serenity,” Michael declares in first single, ‘Field of Green’, before adding some Stones-like swagger to ‘It Won’t Take You Long’. But that’s the story of Saturday Night Sunday Morning, a glorious record of conflicting emotions and contrasting styles.

Saturday Night
One Sweet Day/ Still Sing The Blues/ Field of Green/ Looking For A Change/ It Won’t Take You Long/ No More

Sunday Morning
I Know You’re Going To Break My Heart/ Me And Lucinda/ Try To Pretend/ Someone New/ Please Don’t Cry For Me (featuring Alison Ferrier)/ Back To Life/ Running Towards Me/ Break My Heart (piano reprise)


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