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Ride On coverWhat becomes of the broken-hearted?

Michael Meeking’s previous album, Where To From Here, was an acclaimed break-up record. Ride On is the story of what happens next. “I’ve been broke and I’ve been broken,” the album starts, “but I’ll mend myself again.”

Where To From Here was an album about betrayal and lies; Ride On is the sound of healing and hope. When the darkness disappears and a new day dawns. “If you’re looking for shelter,” Michael sings, “you can shelter here with me.”


Ride On’s opening song is called What Is Lost Can Be Found.

“How do you let go?” Michael ponders in the second track. Later, he declares, “We can start again.”

After six years in London, Michael returned home to Melbourne and re-formed The Lost Souls (Julien Chick on bass, Chris Gates on guitar, and Dave Kleynjans on drums). Their exquisite playing is a highlight of Ride On. They are also joined by some stellar guests, including Weddings Parties Anything’s Jen Anderson on violin, The Vandas’ Chris Altmann on pedal steel, and Jet’s Steve Hesketh on piano and Hammond.

This is soulful roots rock, with undeniable pop hooks. The Lost Souls add the necessary twang, and they can rock when they have to.

And soul queen Kylie Auldist (The Bamboos) pops up on a stunning duet. It’s called Gentle, but Michael and Kylie whip up a mighty groove.

These are life-affirming songs. Tips for troubled times. “I see your eyes and they’re angry and sad,” Michael sings in Happy (Sometime Today), “you’re so fixated on the things that you don’t have.”

Where To From Here was critically praised: “The Meeking might not inherit the earth, but he will impress with his passionate pop” (Jeff Jenkins, Inpress); “A wonderful collection of songs” (Neil Rogers, RRR).

When he released Where To From Here in 2008, Michael was asked if there was a happy ending. “The jury is still out,” he replied.

His next album shows that he’s capable of crafting classic songs that sit comfortably alongside Australian artists such as Neil Murray, Mick Thomas, Dan Warner and The Black Sorrows.

“Are you listening?” Michael asks in one of the many standout songs. If you believe in quality songwriting, you should be.


Ride On.

What Is Lost Can Be Found
Let Go
Happy (Sometime Today)
Ride On
Butterfly Wings
Are You Listening?
Room For You
Miss Me Tonight

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